We are pleased to announce a collaboration with aiMotive, a globally recognized leader in automotive simulation technology. Together, we aim to provide a more realistic and diverse virtual testing environment to develop level-agnostic automated driving solutions. By integrating Renderpeople’s library of photo-scanned 3D People models into aiMotive’s aiSim, development teams can create more accurate and
Last month Clint Jones (pwnisher) launched his worldwide “Alternate Realities Challenge” with thousands of participants. One of the amazing artworks was the project “HARVEST” by MrKlay. With his amazing composition, story, and scene design, he took second place in the competition. We are thrilled that he also used one of our rigged 3D People with
The last 5 years have been a great journey for us! Find out how Renderpeople started and how we grew into being the world’s largest library of scanned human 3D models. Join us as we recall some of our most important milestones and enjoy having a look at our fascinating numbers and statistics or take
Last week the Australian Archviz studio Virtual Ideas presented a stunning 3D animation for the Waterbrook Bowral Retirement Resort. With their amazing video they have set a new benchmark in Archviz, so we asked them about how they approached and realized the project. In the following article they share interesting thoughts, guidelines and tips around
5 years ago Renderpeople started it’s amazing journey to scan and produce ready-to-use 3D People and to steadily grow into being the world’s largest library of scanned 3D People. It all started with 3D Posed People After months of preparation and many hours of scanning we finally launched Renderpeople.com in May 2015 with a stock