Available now - 3D Rigged People

Available as 3ds Max, Maya and FBX

3D Posed People for Visualizations

Available as 3ds Max, C4D, OBJ


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3D Posed People

Posed People are photorealistic human 3D models. Use them for getting realistic shadows & reflections, natural light and 360° usability.

  • Geometry: 100k & 30k polycount
  • Photobased high-res 8k colormap
  • Diffuse-, Normal- & Alpha maps
  • UV unwrapped and UV mapped

3D Rigged People

Rigged People are photorealistic human 3D models, which are fully retopologized, rigged and skinned. They come with a ready to use Control Rig for highest flexibility.

  • Geometry: 12k (retopologized quads)
  • Multiple meshes (body, clothes, hair, etc.)
  • Diffuse-, Normal-, Bump-, Specular maps
  • 3ds Max | Maya | Cinema 4D | FBX

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  • Available as 3ds Max, C4D, OBJ