Human 3D Models for Visualizations

Available as 3ds Max, C4D, OBJ

Buy 8+ Human 3D Models and save up to 40%

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What are Renderpeople?

Renderpeople are photorealistic human 3D models. Use Renderpeople for realistic shadows & reflections, natural light and 360° usability.

  • Geometry: 100k & 30k polycount
  • Photobased high-res 8k colormap
  • Diffuse-, Normal- & Alpha maps
  • UV unwrapped and UV mapped
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Theme Bundles

We have created theme bundles for your convenience. Each bundle contains 12 carefully selected Renderpeople. Buy the bundle and get instant access to the models.

  • 12 high-res 3D scans per bundle
  • All scans in 100k & 30k polygons
  • Triangulated; UV-mapped; UVs unwrapped
  • Available as 3ds Max, C4D, OBJ
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3D People Shop

Check out our wide variety of human 3D models and find the right models for your current projects. Start to use Renderpeople now and save valuable working hours.

  • 8+ models: 30% quantity discount
  • 16+ models: 35% quantity discount
  • 24+ models: 40% quantity discount
  • Available as 3ds Max, C4D, OBJ