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User Interface Basics


You can access all of Renderpeople Manager’s functions via the ‚Renderpeople‘ menu item in the main menu of 3ds Max. This menu item automatically shows up after the Renderpeople Manager has been successfully installed. Within the Renderpeople Menu you will find the following entries:

  1. Renderpeople Manager
    Opens the main window of the Renderpeople Manager, also called the Content Browser – When opening this for the very first time, the log-in window will show up instead.
  2. Settings
    Opens the settings window – The settings window contains your account and log-in information as well as general settings for using the Renderpeople Manager.
  3. Help
    Redirects you to the full Renderpeople Manager documentation website. On that website, for contacting us personally, please klick the ‘Support’ button.
  4. About
    Opens the About window – In the About window you’ll find your recently installed version number as well as the latest Renderpeople Manager End-User License Agreement.
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