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Installing | Uninstalling | Updating


Download the latest version of the Renderpeople Manager here. After downloading, please execute the file ‘RenderpeopleManager.exe’ to start the installation process. The setup will then guide you through a few simple steps:

  1. Accepting EULA
    Please accept the terms of our ‘End-User License Agreement’
  2. Choosing 3ds Max version
    The setup will automatically detect existing versions of Autodesk 3ds Max on your system. Please tick the checkboxes for the versions you want to install. If the setup didn’t automatically find the correct file path, you can enter it manually.
  3. Completing the setup
    After clicking on ‘Install’ the setup will run. You’ll be notified, when the Renderpeople Manager has been installed properly. Installation usually only takes a couple of secons.


Updating the Renderpeople Manager to a newer version is easy. Simply download the latest version of the Renderpeople Manager here and execute the file ‘RenderpeopleManager.exe’ to start the updating process.

  1. Uninstalling Old Files
    The setup automatically detects that the Renderpeople Manager is already installed on your system. Please click ‘OK’ to remove the old version. Your settings and downloaded models won’t be affected by this.
  2. Installing New Version
    You’ll get notified after the uninstallation has been successfully completed. Press ‘Close’ to finish the uninstallation. After that, the setup of the newer version of the Renderpeople Manager is automatically starting. Now, please follow the steps from the above ‘INSTALLING’ section.


To uninstall the Renderpeople Manager, navigate to the Windows Settings and click on ‘Apps’. In that list of apps, find the Renderpeople Manager and click on ‘Uninstall’

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