Human 3D Models for Visualizations

Free Models available as 3ds Max, C4D, OBJ

Free 3D models

We know how good our product is – and we would like to show you. Since nothing beats a hands-on experience, you can download your free 3D models of Mei and Dennis now! Take advantage of the benefits of photo-scanned human 3D models: 360° usability, realistic shadows & reflections, lifefelike textures and natural light conditions.



Time for a change – use high-res 3D scans of humans now

We know how good our product is - and we would like to show you. And since nothing beats a hands-on experience, this is your chance. Go ahead and download two fully functional 3D-models immediatelly - absolutely free and ready to use – no registration required. Let Mei and Dennis complement your three-dimensional scenes, animations and renderings - they will help you to add vividness, sense of scale and realism to your images.
Due to the cutting edge technology used for the creation of this models, no manually generated figure can keep up to their appearance. We used a special scanning technique based on photogrammetry to generate our 3D models, which enables us to capture the liveliness of a human being, resulting in vibrant 3D models.

Renderpeople offers the best solution available. Go ahead and convince yourself.

Mei and Dennis come in two levels of polygon count and a full high-resolution 8k texture - that are 8192x8192 pixel. The package also includes a normal map and one/two alternative diffuse-textures for variation. Last but not least, the provided alpha channels for every major surface enable you to generate even further variations, limited only by your imagination.

This makes Renderpeople the most flexible tool imaginable. They can be used in every 3D application available, assuring perfect integration into any given workflow.